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Affiliate Disclosure is an independent review website that provides reviews of dating sites and apps to help users make informed decisions about which services are best for them. We strive to provide honest, unbiased information on the products we cover so our readers can make educated choices when it comes to online dating.

In order to keep this site running and providing quality content, DatingReviewGurus may receive compensation from some of the companies whose products or services we review or promote on our website through affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates Program, Commission Junction (CJ), ShareASale etc.. This means if you click a link in one of our posts/pages and then purchase something from that company’s website, we will get paid a commission for referring you there.
We also occasionally accept forms of cash advertising sponsorship or other types of compensation including free product samples; however these endorsements will always be clearly marked with “sponsored by…” at the beginning and end sections respectively. Furthermore all sponsored content is identified as such within its post title section too!

At no point does any form payment influence what type(s)of service(s)/product(s)we recommend nor do they affect how highly rated each particular item gets reviewed either! The views expressed here are solely those belonging only ourselves – meaning neither third parties nor sponsors have had any input into their respective creation processes whatsoever!

Furthermore please note none us ever take money directly in exchange for writing positive reviews either – because integrity matters most around here!! That being said though sometimes certain companies might offer us incentives like discounts off future purchases should someone decide buy anything after clicking through via one links found inside articles published over upon this domain name instead? But again even then still never guarantee favourable ratings just so long anyone happens go down route mind you?!

Anytime payments made (whether monetary otherwise!) must comply with both federal state laws where applicable before becoming accepted therefore making sure everything remains above board all times regardless who’s involved transaction wise okay? Plus obviously also abide FTC guidelines too not forgetting adhere relevant industry standards associated niche topic discussed whenever necessary… So rest assured nothing shady going behind scenes anyway folks 😉 At least certainly won’t let happen if I’ve got say-so regarding matter amirite??!! Thanks much taking time read disclosure page hope enjoyed doing same way feel now better equipped understand relationship between myself potential customers out there eh?! 🙂