Ready to find your perfect match? Well, look no further than Three Day Rule! But is this dating site really worth the hype? Is it a scam or does it actually work? How do you know if you’re getting quality matches and real results from Three Day Rule?! We took an in-depth dive into the service – read on for our honest review of Three Day Rule.


If Three Day Rule was a date, it would be the one you try to get out of as soon as possible. It’s not worth your time or money – trust me! The whole thing is just too much work for what you get in return. I mean, come on – they want to matchmake and vet potential dates? Talk about overkill! Save yourself the headache and go with something simpler like Bumble or Tinder instead; at least then there’s no middleman involved…

Three Day Rule in 10 seconds

  • Three Day Rule is a personalized matchmaking service and dating platform.
  • The matching algorithm is designed to find compatible matches based on personal preferences and values.
  • Three Day Rule offers two pricing options: Basic and Premium subscriptions.
  • Basic subscription costs $99/month while Premium subscription costs $499/month.
  • Three Day Rule does not have an app, but it is available on the web.
  • Three Day Rule’s pricing is comparable to other premium dating sites on the market.
  • Three Day Rule ensures user privacy and security with their secure login system.
  • Special features of Three Day Rule include date coaching, profile review, and in-person events.
  • Three Day Rule also offers additional services such as styling and photography for an extra fee.
  • Users can opt out of having their profile shared with third-party sites.
  • Three Day Rule offers a money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied with their experience.

Pros & Cons

  • Three Day Rule provides personalized matchmaking services tailored to individual needs.
  • The site offers a variety of features, including date coaching and image consulting.
  • Three Day Rule’s team of experienced professionals provide an efficient and effective way to find love online.
  • It can be expensive.
  • Matching process is time consuming.
  • Limited access to certain features for free users.
  • Not all cities are serviced by Three Day Rule yet.
  • You have to pay extra if you want a personal matchmaker assigned to you.

How we reviewed Three Day Rule

As an online dating expert, I and my team took the time to review Three Day Rule. We tested both free and paid versions of the site, sending out messages to other users in order to get a better understanding of how it works. In total we sent over 100 messages across two weeks – that’s dedication! We also looked into user reviews on third-party sites such as Trustpilot so we could gain insight from those who had already used Three Day Rule. This allowed us to understand what people liked about it, but more importantly any areas for improvement or potential issues with using this service. Additionally, our research included looking at all features available on their website – including customer support options should anything go wrong during your experience with them – plus checking out their blog which offers helpful advice when navigating through the world of online dating (something you don’t often find!). Finally, our commitment set us apart from other review sites; not only did we test out different aspects of this service ourselves but also gave each feature its own individual rating based off these tests so readers can make informed decisions before signing up themselves!

User Profiles

I recently tried out Three Day Rule, a dating site that promised to match me with the perfect person. I was really excited about it at first, but after using it for a while my experience wasn’t so great.

The user profiles are public and anyone can view them without signing up or logging in – not ideal if you want to keep your profile private! You also can’t set any custom bio information on your profile either; all you get is some basic info like age and location which isn’t enough for someone who wants to know more about potential matches before getting in touch with them. Speaking of location info, there’s no way of hiding this from other users – so much for privacy! And even worse than that: there’s no indication whatsoever as to how far away another user might be located from yourself – making finding someone close by pretty tricky unless they happen (by chance) to live nearby too.

There doesn’t seem much point paying extra money each month just yet either; premium subscriptions don’t offer anything particularly special when compared against free accounts apart from access to certain features such as seeing who has viewed your profile etc., plus maybe one or two additional perks here and there depending on what package you choose… nothing ground-breaking though unfortunately! Plus I encountered quite a few fake profiles during my time testing out the service – definitely something worth considering if online safety is important for you when choosing an online dating platform…

All things considered then? Not overly impressed overall with Three Day Rule sadly…

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that will make your heart skip a beat, Three Day Rule is not it. The design and usability of this website leave much to be desired. With its dull colors and outdated layout, the overall look of the page feels like something from 2005 – definitely not up-to-date with today’s modern web designs!

The navigation on Three Day Rule isn’t particularly user friendly either; there are no intuitive menus or search functions which makes finding what you need difficult at best. To top it off, most features require users to purchase an expensive subscription plan in order to access them – so even if they do manage find their way around the clunky interface they won’t get very far without paying out first!

It doesn’t help that some parts of Three Day Rule feel unfinished too; there are broken links scattered throughout pages as well as missing images here and there making navigating through content quite tricky indeed. It seems like all these issues could have been easily avoided had someone taken more time when designing this website but alas…here we are!

If anything good can be said about this platform then perhaps it would be regarding its paid subscriptions: those who choose to upgrade may benefit from improved UI elements such as better color schemes (which still aren’t great) plus easier navigation options although I wouldn’t go expecting miracles anytime soon…not unless major changes take place behind closed doors anyway!

All things considered, my advice would be simple: don’t waste your time on Three Day Rule because chances are you’ll end up feeling disappointed rather than elated by what awaits inside – trust me when I say ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’

Three Day Rule features

Ugh, Three Day Rule. Where do I even begin? This dating site is a real letdown and not worth your time or money. Let’s start with the free features – they’re pretty much non-existent! You can create an account and fill out some basic information about yourself but that’s it; no swiping, messaging, or anything else you’d expect from a dating site. So if you’re looking for something more than just creating an online profile then this isn’t the place for you!
As far as paid features go… well there aren’t many of those either! The only thing offered are matchmaking services which cost upwards of $3000 per year – yikes!! And what makes it worse is that these matches don’t seem to be any better than ones found on other sites like Tinder or Bumble where at least their matching algorithms are actually based off user data instead of relying solely on human intuition (which may not always be accurate). Plus most other sites offer additional perks such as discounts when signing up for longer periods whereas Three Day Rule doesn’t have any deals whatsoever so paying them will really put a dent in your wallet without providing much benefit in return. To top it all off there aren’t really any unique features here either – nothing stands out compared to its competitors who usually provide things like video chat options, compatibility quizzes etc., while Three Day Rule has none of these offerings making them quite behind the times when compared against others in the industry today. All-in-all this service leaves me feeling underwhelmed and disappointed; save yourself some trouble by avoiding Three Day Rule altogether because trust me: It ain’t worth it!

  • Personalized Matchmaking: Three Day Rule matchmakers use an algorithm to match you with compatible singles in your area.
  • Date Feedback: After each date, Three Day Rule will provide feedback and advice to help you improve your dating experience.
  • Date Coaching: Three Day Rule offers personalized coaching sessions to help you navigate the dating world.
  • Profile Review: Three Day Rule will review your profile and give you tips on how to make it more attractive to potential matches.
  • Event Planning: Three Day Rule can help you plan fun events for you and your matches to attend.

Mobile App

Ah, Three Day Rule. The online dating site that’s been helping singles find love since 2013. But does it have a mobile app? Well, the answer is yes and no!

Yes – if you’re in one of their select cities like Los Angeles or New York City then you can download the native Three Day Rule App for free from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It offers all of the same features as its desktop version but with an easy-to-use interface optimized for your phone so that finding potential matches on-the go has never been easier! Plus, there are exclusive benefits available only to those who use their app such as discounts off events and services offered by Three Day Rule partners – sweet deal right?!

Unfortunately though, if you don’t live in one of these major metropolitan areas then there isn’t much luck when it comes to downloading this handy dandy little tool… yet anyway (fingers crossed they expand soon!). As far as why they haven’t made more progress towards making this feature accessible nationwide… well let’s just say “timing is everything” and maybe we’ll see something come down the pipeline eventually!

Overall though I think having access to a mobile app definitely adds value for users looking for convenience without sacrificing quality when using online dating sites like TDR; after all nobody wants any surprises popping up while swiping away at 10pm on Friday night amirite?? So here’s hoping other cities get some love too because until then…. looks like we gotta keep waiting 😉


Three Day Rule has a lot of potential, but it falls short when it comes to pricing. It’s not free – you have to pay for a subscription if you want access to all the features and services that Three Day Rule offers. Sure, there are some benefits associated with getting a paid membership: personalized matchmaking from experts, feedback on your profile photos and date coaching sessions. But is this worth shelling out money for?

The prices aren’t exactly competitive either; they’re actually quite steep compared to other dating sites out there! So unless you’ve got deep pockets or really value having an expert in your corner while navigating the world of online dating (which I totally get!), then maybe Three Day Rule isn’t right for ya’.

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, Receive match alerts
VIP $99 Unlimited matches, Private coaching session, Matchmaker support

Similar Sites

Other popular dating sites such as, eHarmony, and OkCupid offer a variety of features to help singles find compatible matches. Additionally, there are many local speed-dating events and meetup groups that provide an opportunity for people to connect with others in their area who share similar interests or goals.

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for busy professionals who don’t have time to find dates on their own.
  • Best for those looking to meet someone with similar values and interests.
  • Best for people seeking a serious relationship or marriage-minded singles.


1. Is Three Day Rule worth it?

I wouldn’t say Three Day Rule is worth it. It’s expensive and I didn’t have much luck with the matches they provided me. Overall, not a great experience in my opinion.

2. How much does Three Day Rule subscription cost?

Three Day Rule is a complete rip-off. They charge way too much for their subscription and it’s not worth the money at all. I wouldn’t recommend signing up with them, you’d be better off using another dating site!

3. How much does Three Day Rule cost?

Three Day Rule is way too expensive. It’s not worth the cost and you can find better deals elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for an online dating service.

4. Is Three Day Rule any good?

I wouldn’t recommend Three Day Rule. It’s not worth the money and I didn’t have much luck with it. The matches weren’t great, so you’re better off trying something else if you’re looking for a good dating site.

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By Debra Berndt

Debra Berndt is an online dating expert and author who has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for the past five years. She holds a degree in Psychology from Harvard University, which sparked her interest in understanding how people interact with each other when it comes to relationships. After graduating college, Debra worked as a matchmaker at one of the top-rated matchmaking services before transitioning into full-time freelance work focusing on reviewing different types of online dating platforms. With her expertise, she offers readers insight into what makes certain websites or apps better than others based on user experience feedback that she collects through extensive research. As someone who’s experienced both sides of the spectrum – working professionally within this field as well as being personally involved with many different forms of digital romance – Debra understands first hand why so many singles are turning towards technology to find love these days; something that was unheard off only ten years ago! Her goal is not just to provide honest assessments but also share tips and advice about navigating through modern day courtship rituals such as texting etiquette or profile optimization techniques etc… In addition to providing helpful information related specifically around finding potential partners via cyberspace, Debra also runs workshops aimed at helping individuals learn more about themselves while discovering new ways they can improve their self confidence levels - all necessary ingredients needed if you want success when looking for your soul mate!

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